Flying BVLOS - full electric

30mn ready to flight drone
30 mins
Ready to fly
silent drone
Less 42dB @ 200m
CO2 saver drone
Save 4 Tons/day CO2
5kg payload
4Kg payload
200W, 250 dm3
certified DAL-B, SORA
Long Endurance
12 hrs flight - 600 km

Multi-disciplinary optimisation

The SolarXOne autonomous drone is the result of years of intensive research and testing in partnership with world-class laboratories and universities. XSun engineers and scientists work toward excellence from design through manufacture, starting with highly innovative multidisciplinary optimisation design.
solar energy drone plane
autonomous drone
control command drone
Control command
communication satellite drone
aerodynamics drone

Unique tandem wing configuration

Thanks to its unique patented dual-wing stall-free design, SolarXOne drones deliver an extremely stable and safe flight experience. Additionally, low-speed landings and take-offs can be accomplished, allowing for a smaller ground footprint. Cruise speed is low as well, and can be adjusted to meet mission requirements. For example mapping missions are ideal for the default cruise of 50 km/h. Furthermore, each wing contains control surfaces that maximise flight safety and trajectory accuracy, thereby adding further redundancy and control.
With a unique patented double wing stall-free design, SolarXOne ensure a very safe and naturally stable flight. It also allows low speed take-off and landing, which reduces the required ground zone. The cruise speed is also low, and can be adjusted to the needs of the mission. The default cruise is 50 km/h, which is ideal for mapping missions. Each wing also has control surfaces for more redundancy and better control, adding even more flight safety and trajectory accuracy.
solar energy autonomous uav

Solar energy autonomous UAV

SolarXOne's on board energy system was designed to maximize the use of solar energy. It is unrivaled, safe, and extremely robust. Because safety and reliability are at the heart of our design, we have implemented a unique energy system with 2 sources of power: batteries and 4 solar wings. 

Unique Energy System

Equipped with intelligent BMS, both batteries guarantee the highest level of safety. The SolarXOne UAV can even operate at night using batteries. The very advanced on-board energy system manages the entire system to ensure the safety of all equipment, including redundant critical buses, with a total power output of 200 Watts. The solar panels encapsulation and four wings are made with the highest quality material to ensure a long lifespan.

SolarXOne comes with two possible solar cells :
1 – Very high efficiency custom silicium solar cells
2 – World's most efficient GaAs 3-5 thin solar cells
unique energy system

Safety by design

SolarXOne embeds the latest technological systems to ensure the highest level of safety.
fts autonomous or human in the loop parachute
FTS : Electronic Flight Termination System with parachute (via SATCOM)
ADS-B In/Out (UTM ready)
ADS-B Out (UTM ready)
Detect and avoid : vision and radar
Detect and avoid : vision
SolarXOne comes always with a full FTS (Flight Termination System) to stop the flight, stop the engines, opens a parachute, triggers a loud buzzer and flashing lights. When landing, the very strong carbon and composite design absorbs the shock to avoid any material damages. The FTS can be triggered by the pilot on the ground or automatically at certain special conditions.

Multi-missions capability

Thanks to its very payload bay, power and mass,
SX1 can embed multiple payloads for any missions.
Large format camera
Phase one camera
Lidar Riegl
VUX 120
3 axis gimble
large front camera drone
Large format camera
Phase one camera
Lidar Riegl
VUX 120
drone lidar riegl
OCTOPUS gimbal

Always connected

satellite communication drone
SolarXOne is provided with the latest communications technology to ensure a real time, secure link with the ground control system.

— Satellite communication
— Cellular communication
— Radio communication

100% Automated flight :
Highly advanced, Easy and Safe to operate

Best in class drone flight control ! 
As a result, SolarXOne incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technology in autopilot and flight control capabilities. SolarXOne includes all advanced state-of-the-art UAS control features such as : 
— One Click Missions 
— Custom routines 
— Adaptive control 
— Simultaneous operation 
— RTK precise postionning (cm) 
— Wind estimation 
— Dual GNSS 
— Redundant IMU 
— Much more (...)

Certified Technology

SolarXOne is equipped with one of the best and probably the safest Auto Pilot Systems in the world: Embention’s Veronte, which meets DO-178C / ED-12 and DO-254 regulations. The Autopilot is a miniaturized high reliability avionics system which includes a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors.

XSUN is par of the first European companies to NAA ( DGAC) approval to fly in non-segregated airspace under SORA methodology for complex Beyond Visual Line of Sight flight above populated areas.
XSun is the first European company in Europe to get a DVR (Design Verification Report) from EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency for Enhancement Containment performance of a large and long endurance Fixed Wing drone, the SolarXOne.2
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No compromise on quality

Through our integrated research, design, prototyping, production, and aerospace technology know-how, we have created innovative solutions to produce the best autonomous UAV on the market.

Research in all fields including composites, electrical propulsion, batteries, and flight control systems enable us to ensure the highest level of technological know-how and quality. Our objective is to deliver highly reliable products.
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